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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


flip flop stomach kinda right now...

it occurs to me that i will be living out of my backpack for some time to come.

so i'm just looking at the Open Universities Australia website at some possibilities for training leading up to my grand business idea. I'd like to get the business cranking in mid-2012 if possible, and though the training will take some time to complete, I think it would be worthwhile.

and that in itself makes me nervous. i've never completed any University course. i plunged head first into the business world at an early age and everything I know I have learned either at a short course or on the job. I mean I think i'm pretty knowledgeable in office administration, training and other things but actually looking at a Degree kind of scares the bejesus outta me.

I do want to get this travel out of my system (i mean, maybe it will never leave my system, but we'll give it a red hot go, eh?) and on the list for next year other than returning to Canada is FRANCE and VIETNAM. Oh and to annoy Mikey in the US as well at some point.


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