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Sunday, January 11, 2009

blip! there goes another year...

ok, ok, so it's taken me some time to type something of note. i know i know...
i haven't finished my list for 2009, in fact it's not started but it's bubbling in my brain.

it will most likely include:

*get paid to work on at least 3 festivals
*go to france
*get rid of / pay out your damned credit card

so i spent a few weeks in RADelaide before heading to Marion Bay, Tasmania to work on the Falls Festival. May I express my absolute DELIGHT at the gorgeous team there and all the staff that I was allocated who were all awesome, willing to do anything given, and worked damned hard in the crazy weather we had. thank you all so much! you are awesome beyond compare!


more fotos and random things to come soon, promise.
maybe once the list is finished.

can simply say i am happy to be back in my lil abode and itching for more festival work.
and so happy to be back in baby's arms.


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