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Friday, April 10, 2015

begin rant...

If We Don't Dig It Up, Someone Else Will: Coal Giants Argument in Court

No. Just no.  It is bad enough that this is a company from outside Australia with such an exposed poisonous, horrendous environmental record, but to say 'nobody is doing anything anyway, someone else will just do it anyway' is just shit.

YES we absolutely need to bring the developing world out of many forms of poverty and provide more stable energy and safer ways for households to cook, etc. to many; we are all equal and should be assisting in making the world safer in this way for the basics of living; but I would hope we can do this with alternative energy sources and with existing infrastructure, or at LEAST coal Carbon Capture technologies being added to existing sites. This particular type of technology has been discussed in many papers I have been reading (back to 2008), so what is the hold up?! And why are these paid think-tanks still getting away with spouting crap like this?! Urgh. Why is it NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY?! It is going to take everyone, Adani, you just can't opt out of this global issue of keeping the ecosystems sustainable and safe.

It is very obvious, and well documented, that China and others are moving well away from coal as an energy source because of the health issues/pollution it is creating in their Countries. Arguing to build another coal mine, another port, and to temporarily create jobs etc etc in a very vulnerable part of the ecosystem is a giant cop out.  There IS existing infrastructure in place, if we must continue to use it. We are smarter than this, Adani forgets that.

Don't get me started on Australia cutting foreign aid. What a joke!

Forwards, not backwards, you bag of DICKS (Liberal party - hehe).


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