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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

being on time, the typewriter, and the landline...

Been doing a lot of thinking about social media in the last month or so, sometimes completely avoiding it due to the fact that I had school assignments to finish.  Now that's done I've trawled it here and there, catching up on the happenings of friends, reading way too many articles and getting a good giggle out of political cartoons.

Several points of note:

It occurs to me that you possibly mean something to someone when they actually *don't* blab about your quite personal interactions in the social media sphere.  There are a number of personal interactions I could be referring to here - use your imagination - but I will give you an example to kick off the thought bubble:

I had a conversation with an old friend the other weekend, who I didn't personally know had a split with their partner (it had been a very very long time since I'd seen them in the actual face), that they were 'outted' via social media.  What they meant by that was that they hadn't discussed what was happening with their partner with their family yet; the other person involved changed their 'status' to simply 'single'; and all hell broke loose. I said 'Oh dude; I'm so sorry that happened to you'.  He doesn't use social media, never has, but she did.  Calls came from family around the world demanding to know what was going on.  I felt bad that this kind of thing could happen, because isn't that up to you? On YOUR time?

I suppose it's a respect thing. Do you respect another person enough to ensure that if you are going to proudly announce those types of things on social media by doing something as seemingly meaningless as changing your relationship status, you've actually checked that your other has had relevant conversations with those in their world first?!

Personally you can never quite tell with me when something completely outstanding in my sphere has happened, unless of course it really does relate to only me and doesn't involve someone else.  Such as I was truly happy to finish last assignments of the course, or sometimes when I have confirmed/won a new contract or am returning to an old one for another year.

I do, periodically, ask that other friends send strength to other friends going through rough times, but it's not like I would announce specifically what aforementioned rough time is; simply that some love and thoughts are passed in their direction.  If someone asks, that person has the right to tell them in reply; not me.

Now, the trolls. Oh the trolls. I admit, there has been some discussion around here about starting a website called "I enjoyed arguing with you on the internet (but here's why you are stupid)".  Like a fact-checker really, for the complete ignoramus out there, the ones who answer something you post on a social page with insults.  You know I'm fine to debate things with people, in fact I will totally revel in it, but the one's who respond with something like 'what a fat fuck' I have zero tolerance for.

If you're going to start an argument on some website, news, social or otherwise, be able to back yourself up without pulling the insult card.  Sometimes I have actually learned something from having a heated debate over a topic, or been sent a link to articles, etc etc. But when it's just as plain as 'you are an idiot, you should resign' blah blah blah when you DISAGREE with something someone says, just keep your hands away from the keyboard (idiot! hehe).

I've seen some of that, mostly on Twitter, lately directed at a Senator I actually really respect and support for she had put up a 'meme'.  The backlash was rife. How do you ignore that?! Being called stupid in the public social sphere?! I suppose it should be the old water of the ducks back; but as if that kind of blatant disrespect doesn't hurt.  In this case referring to 'oh but it was under Labor's watch'. And yes it was, however it is more about how international relations are dealt with under a CURRENT Government you numbnuts (see, here I go!).

So, why did I call this post 'being on time, the typewriter, and the landline...'?  Well, for a couple of reasons.  I did read something recently that pointed this out; but you know I feel like when we weren't so social media connected you used to turn up ON TIME for things.  I suppose that's pre-mobile phone really isn't it. When I didn't have a mobile phone (I was 19 when I first got one, and that was quite some time ago now), I called someone on the old landline, made arrangements and turned up somewhere on *time*.  It's not to say I don't now turn up on time to things, but I also can admit to finding it easier to be able to pull out of something if I'm simply not feeling up to it on the day. That's pretty awful you know, sorry friends.

*digression time* Though my excuses lately can usually run from a munty body that I'm not looking after very well (true fact; stupid spine), stemming from being too poor to be able to afford treatment on said munty body because of chosen career path change from 5 years ago when I was more able to hold money-fights.  You can usually tell. I'm more than happy to announce my own munty body goodness in the social sphere.

Sometimes I feel you can also see someones true colours coming out in their own 'avatar'.  Just a one-off throwaway can really reveal that.  Would they say what they say online having a drink with a group of friends?! Probably not, unless there's been too much wine flowing.

And advertising... ohhhh online advertising. You know I'm presuming that if I suddenly changed different parts of my profile, the advertising would really change around me. It seems to pick up pretty quickly on those kinds of things.  I guess that's why it's successful for some businesses.

And the typewriter?! Oh, the typewriter. Well, I did learn to type on one. It was electric, mind you, but it was still a typewriter. And they're making parents buy kids as young as 6 IPad's.  Reason number 412 not to procreate I say.


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