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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lies! All lies!

I have to admit I am getting pretty annoyed actually, with just feeling angry at our Government all the time lately. They barely deserve capitalisation and all.

You know, I'm no economist but this magical idea that electricity prices will immediately drop as soon as the carbon 'tax' (which isn't a tax by the way) is repealed is an outright lie.  Firstly, if they expect businesses providing this service to be able to just overnight change a price, they are sorely mistaken.  Secondly, well the industry is saying it - plus they do have other costs.  Thirdly, they are mostly all privatized, they are there to make profits for shareholders, they absorb these kinds of costs into their business or they wouldn't survive. Fourth, our wages here are really high. Fifth, fifth... you get my drift.

I saw something else pop up on the screen today that said the initial amount our government (capitalisation now removed) offered to the Philippines initially was 390K. That's the cost of a nice house in the suburbs. If this was actually serious thank GOODNESS they have revised it to $10M.  Okay, so I see the 390K was for 'emergency supplies' and the rest is in 'aid' (see below link). Their initial offer was disgusting. Where is the military deployment in all this you utter GEESE!


Their complete disregard for the poor in the rest of the world when we are so rich is a real joke.

The fact that the *people* are now funding something as vital as the Climate Council is a joke.  But at least this one action by the people of Australia, funding this so quickly, shows we all give a damn.

This post has been sitting here uncompleted for about a week now, but I still feel the same. I am sick of feeling angry, so sick of it.  I can't stop watching the news or reading articles because I have the need to feel informed.

Stupid people, who needs 'em.

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