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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Do I have a psychic ability?!

You know come to think of it, an awful lot in the last year, I have absolutely been able to "call" when something is about to go pear-shaped, seems a little sketchy or wobbly.  Some would call it a "gut-feeling" I suppose.

Butterflies?! No, not necessarily.  I basically go 'no, no, there's something wrong here; this isn't going to happen'.

Anyway, why am I suddenly so good at it?! Did I get better at reading other human beings behaviour in the last 12 months?! It's terribly interesting indeed, ye olde human brain.

Alternatively, am I putting it out there in the universe that I don't want what it is that is being offered, and therefore poisoning the status quo, making it not happen.

Woah man... deep.

In other news:  I started watching a documentary yesterday about water, simply called "Water". Haven't finished it yet (so can't give you a link or much else so far), but seemed appropriate to start it in 33+ degree heat, in our driest craziest season on record in this country.

So I'm really interested in finishing this one because the content so far seems so different to others I have watched. Including that water has a memory, will recall when it is abused, and changes form. SO AMAZING. GO SCIENCE!!

Looking forward to finishing it off.


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