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Saturday, August 27, 2011

home again, home again, jiggidy jig...

well, not quite yet but the wheels (or probably more appropriately, the jet engines) are in motion...

how do i feel? i feel good. apart from the incessant smoking which i can't seem to put down again. damn you nicotine, damn you to hell (if there is such a place).

sad to leave Canada (again) of course, however my age is a factor and with my sister getting married December 10 I do feel an obligation as I only have one sibling.

and, as always, a bunch of summer festivals call me, it's like a whisper in the wind. I want to set up 'shop' somewhere in RADelaide and have the luxury of popping back in and out when I need to. I believe in my heart of hearts it will work. Hey if I can survive in Vancouver on less than $200 a week I can do anything, truly!

I have my sights set on a few festivals I haven't worked before. I hope that it will all come through for me.

Leaving some people behind will be hard, but you know with the wonder of the interweb and other technologies, we're really never disconnected.

Besides, the universe has a hand in that connection thing, for realsies.

So I will enjoy the next three months in Canada to the best of my ability. Currently working away gathering volunteers for Hapa-Palooza which is in a few weeks. I believe in it, I think it will be great.



Di said...

Oh happy day (of your birth)! x Dipana

jet said...

Thank you dippity DiPana. xx