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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out in the forest...

so, arriving at a festival site after a 12 hour bus ride in which you don't get much sleep is never fun. However, it's a beautiful spot, I have to say. I'm currently in Salmo, British Columbia. Currently, it's quiet, but I'm sure by Thursday this will dramatically change.

I wonder exactly what I'm doing though. We're starting to get organised but there is a lot to do in the next few days. I'm waiting on a job manual to go through and to ask any questions.

I guess I haven't ever been at a fest site this early. It's interesting. Staff starting to trickle in and still a lot to be set up and moved. It will be interesting to watch it be shaped, like watching the Hope Street Warehouse get ready for a party.

Unfortunately right now, I do feel like a nap, however with tent in full sun; it's not likely. This won't be a problem ordinarily because I'll be working days and won't get back to said tent til quite late.

I absolutely need a shower, yes already.


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