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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a few lil points....

ok, so...

1) what's the point in a good economy if the world is going to eat itself in about 40 years or something??
2) can the liberals stop spending my tax dollars on smear campaigning please?!
3) SABRA won the US So You Think You Can Dance! GO SABRA!! Love ya!!
4) I bought a new laptop, it's sweet. Soooo sweet.
5) Jeez, Sims 2 was a big step up from the original (I've had the disc for over 12 months but my old computer wouldn't let me play with it!!)
7) Seaworld was really fun, LOVE the CorkScrew rollercoaster and they've done a great job with Shark Bay!
8) It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
9) 2008 should see a trip to Tasmania (FINALLY) and back to the RADelaide Fringe, as well as a lil trip to Asia fer sure!
10) Don't forget to vote on Saturday the 24th November!!!


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