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Thursday, August 23, 2007

alright already....

so, instead of finishing off this work i figure it will take me all of maybe ten minutes to type up something of note for you few that are still keeping your eyes peeled on 'this space' waiting for me to write something of note....

well... here's a few things.

I HEART Arrested Development (the tv show, and why not the band as well).

I still love Hugh Laurie in the pants. They've released several seasons of Fry & Laurie on DVD now. Oh laughed, i laughed, i laughed.

My body hasn't been quite so sore of late, i'm quite happy about that.

I still can't decide if moving back down South is a wise move or not... comments please.

Finally there is some decent rain here in Brisneyland (South East Queensland). Hooray! Maybe my herbs and pineapple and aloe will rejuvenate somewhat.

I bought a new kettle today. Old school style that you put on the cooktop of a gas stove and it whistles at you when it's ready...

I recently saw MACROMANTICS and WOLF & CUB play (not together, although that would be rather sweet). The next gig I've pre-bought a ticket to is NOT justin timberlake, but STEREO TOTAL from Germany. WOO!!!

I have to start being serious about working out and getting toned up because my joints and body will only suffer more if i dont. Besides, it's a pre-requisite of me doing any moving away from this place.

Need to pee. Sorry!...

I still need to get my camera fixed. Though I would also like a digital SLR - yes when all that money flies out of my butt i might get a decent one. However... think a computer first is probably a more wise purchase.

That's all for now.
mwa mwa.
if you happen to read, leave me a msg.


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