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Saturday, June 09, 2007


oh yes i'm back world of bloggyness...

currently on a visit home to the town i love love love ITS GUTS!
true true, i obviously left for a reason however i'm starting to wonder what the reason was. and true, tis freakn freezing here at the moment...

last night went for a few drinks at the Kool Kat Klub at the Festival Centre for the opening night of the cabaret fest with the gorgeous heidi, elizabeth, matt and kirsty. Then over to the Grace Emily to see Your Motive For and finally had a chat with the drummer from King Daddy showing him footage of their Brisneyland show with Nazz on top of the bar at Ric's. Classic.

In my new lime green trenchcoat (the BEST thing i have ever bought from an Op-Shop) and matching feather boa, trudging around, making matt tell the bartender at the grace he's a dirty great big spunk then having that backfire by having him do it right in front of me!.... hehehe. and getting sick of standing up in heels. would have much rather been in my kermit sneakers. anyhoo...
all a laugh.

it's a credit to Greg et al at the Grace that it's such a fucking good pub. there really is nothing like it that i have come across anywhere else in australia (though i will keep looking because if i could find somewhere like that in brisneyland, i would feel muchos at home).

if you are ever in RADelaide be sure to take a trip down Waymouth Street and have a pint of coopers pale and play some pool at the Grace.
i am sure i will end up back there this evening.

Today i went to visit my grandparents which was lovely and sat around doing a big crossword with mummy for a bit, and am about to sit down and finally watch the first pirates of the caribbean movie.

stuff, things.
i love this city.

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